What is ‘effective altruism’ and why does it matter?

A recent New York Times article titled Effective Altruism: Where Charity and Rationality Meet sheds light on a growing movement called “effective altruism” which encourages donors to think more analytically about giving. We here at Just Cause are all about thoughtful, informed philanthropy.

” … The problem behind a lot of charitable giving is that individuals often make donations without doing much analysis. They simply think the best of charities that interest them and accept at face value that these charities are doing a terrific job. Accountability is never considered.”

Why is this issue important to the Just Cause team? Giving, whether it is money, time, resources or skills, comes with responsibility. In the worst case, charity can be carried out badly or ineffectively, though its not always easy to tell, and can even lead to more harm than good (for more information). By being a responsible donor you have the power to influence the sector to improve standards, accountability and outcomes.

“Even for small givers, a more rational approach to philanthropy can focus attention on areas that make the biggest enduring contribution to human welfare.”

It may seem like a small donation or a weekend volunteer trip is just a drop in the bucket but every action makes a difference. At Just Cause we want to help you make a truly valuable difference by providing tips on what to think about when choosing who to donate to or volunteer with, increasing awareness about best practice in the charity sector while helping charities meet higher standards, and highlighting excellent non-profits.

Just Cause aims to help non-profits operate at the highest standards possible to ensure accountability and transparency while maximising impact. This means donors can be confident every time they give and that the impact created is the one intended.